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Anton Dickson, London barebacker and Treasure Island Media porn star: The Bare Curious Interview, Part 1

Anton Dickson is an artist and performer living in London. Fans of bareback porn may know him from his appearances in four Treasure Island Media films directed by Liam Cole: "Pounded" (released July 2009), "Wild Breed" (May 2010), "Full Tilt" (November 2010), and "In The Flesh" (October 2011). Anton also performs in a Cole-directed scene in "What I Can't See 3" (April 2011) and appears in the forthcoming "Slammed." He writes the weekly "Chronicles of A London CumPig" column for T.I.M.'s blog, publishes his own blog on Tumblr, and tweets frequently (@AntonDicksonX).

He is a former classical ballet dancer (he appeared in Matthew Bourne's critically-acclaimed all-male production of "Swan Lake" and has performed with the Swedish Royal Ballet, Ballet du Nord, the English National Ballet, and others), works as an architect (he's chartered/registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects), and operates Atelier A-Z Photography, a studio and creative services firm that he founded under his real name, Anton Z. Risan.

Anton has also appeared in videos from other bareback studios, including Raw Fuck Club ("Gut Feelings") and Raw Reality ("Real Big Dicks" and "Bareback Backpackers").

Here is Part 1 of Anton's first-ever in-depth interview:

JASON: Tell me about working with Treasure Island Media and Liam Cole.

ANTON: I've worked with Liam in his films for the last four years, and since December 2010 I also work part-time in the Treasure Island Media London office. Before meeting up with Liam I worked for other smaller bareback porn companies and before that I did mainly "safe" films and a few straight films.

JASON: With Liam, is there a "casting couch"? Did you get to breed him to prove your performance skills before getting cast?

ANTON: Hehe, no, Liam is very professional, and he had already seen me in other films. Remember, I've done porn since 1998, I think it is. Since I started in the porn industry I never had to "prove" anything. People are usually very professional, and I haven't experienced the casting couch myth.

JASON: I can't imagine the self-discipline Liam must have to have all these hot models around and then to be on set and watch them fuck each other. How does he keep from joining in?!

ANTON: Hehe, that's something you need to ask him.

JASON: Okay, I will! So what does working in the T.I.M. London office entail?

ANTON: My role at the T.I.M. office is providing admin support to Liam as much as I can manage time-wise, which includes sorting out model applications, maintaining databases, ensuring the computers run okay, sorting out expenses and tax issues, helping organise shoots, etc. All in all, a very busy small office.

JASON: As for your life outside of work, I noticed that in your dudesnude profile under "practice safer sex" you answer with "Never." With dudesnudes I've found that the other options for the "practice safe sex" question are never quite what they seem. "Always" usually means "Some of the time." A lot of guys who choose the "Most of the time" answer actually mean "If the other guy insists." And guys who answer "When appropriate" actually mean "Practically never." So cheers to you for answering unequivocally!

ANTON: Hehe, that analysis of the meaning of the safe sex options seems probably correct. Although I'm sure there are some guys out there that only have protected sex, though in bigger towns they seem far apart, lol.

JASON: When did you decide to always insist on bareback?

ANTON: After doing a lot of bareback films and also having partners — as in boyfriends — that I barebacked with, I got so used to it that nowadays I find it not stimulating to have condom sex. I prefer to be upfront with what I look for and that is bareback in the fucking department. Although I don't always fuck, I do like a good blowjob, too. Deepthroat, of course.

JASON: I know from your T.I.M. "Chronicles of A London CumPig" blog that you love a good bareback fuck and you also love shooting your load in guys' mouths and swallowing their loads too. By the way, speaking of partners, over time in your blog you've gone from describing Dean Monroe from being your "best friend of all time" and flatmate to your "husband." Did you guys get gay-married?

ANTON: Yeah, correct, we are legally civil partners for many years. We are not a couple as such in the "traditional" sense, we are more like soulmates. Dino is a very private person and I respect that. I've known him now for 15 years, and I know he doesn't like me talking too much about it, so that's all you're gonna get, hehe. Meeting Dino was like finding a long-lost brother and best friend and soulmate.
15 years in April 2013.

JASON: Congratulations! And of course I won't ask more questions about this....

Let's discuss your various professional roles. Your Twitter bio lists you as a "Swedish (mix Croatian) TIM bb Pornstar, Photographer, Architect, Producer/Director & ex Dancer based in London." Is that in a particular order? Meaning, do you consider your pornographic work to be most central to your identity, followed by the others?

ANTON: No, it's just in reverse chronological order — well almost. I was a dancer, then an architect — and still am — then a photographer/videographer, etc., and all along in the background I was doing my porn acting and gogo dancing and stripping stuff. Just basically me being me, lol — a naughty Swedish/Croatian man enjoying life to its fullest expression possible.

JASON: You do seem to be enjoying life....

Outside of your professional porn work, I love the videos you've been posting here and there like the "KUK" series and the short film "Azrael." "Azrael" is so beautiful. You're the star of it — along with a bottom whose face we never see — but did you also direct and edit it? It's extraordinary.

ANTON: Well, thank you, mister, you are very kind. Yeah I directed/
produced/filmed/edited all the "KUK" series — more to follow — and "Azrael" also. I am very happy that you like it. "Azrael" was especially close to my heart at the time I did it, and meant a lot to me.

JASON: The "KUK" series videos are very beautiful aesthetically, but the "Azrael" video really stands out for its story and the exquisite visuals and editing. It's intensely erotic and moving too, especially given the the subtext that the title "Azrael" suggests. I think there are so many layers of meaning to it. I notice more things about the piece each time I watch it. It's the rare short film that's worth watching again and again.

ANTON: Thank you. It was a culmination of a lot of things on my mind at the time, and I needed to get them off my chest somehow.

Part 2 of the interview coming soon!

(Click on the image above to enlarge it.)
—Image of Anton Dickson courtesy of Anton Dickson.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Smooth London Barebacker on HIV and Doing Porn: The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 4

As previously noted — in Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 of this interview — Roger Kint is a Londoner who documents his sex life on Tumblr at My Dirty Favourites and on XTube (username RogerKint). That's Roger in the photo, about to take raw cock up his hole.

The Bare Curious Interview: Roger Kint, Part 4

JASON: You seem to have a pretty clear understanding of not only the benefits of bareback sex, but the potential downsides. Last month a reader of your Tumblr asked, "You're doing a lot of bareback sex ... what sort of precautions do you take to prevent yourself from catching HIV?" You elaborated on your point of view and how you try to minimize exposure to HIV, and then said that it boils down to "a matter of judgement and calculated risk." That said, regarding HIV and beyond, any more specifics? For instance, are you vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B? Do you have any advice for guys who have very active sex lives like you do, and occasionally or frequently bareback — not just about avoiding HIV but avoiding other STDs?

ROGER: Yes, I'm vaccinated against both Hep A and B. I pay attention to a couple of barebacking sites, partly for meets, but mainly to keep an eye on who claims they're safe but isn't and who is always looking to get fucked by a dozen guys in some random club. It helps avoid what I see as the higher risk people. I think you have to just outright ask if some is HIV positive; not just say "are you clean" but poz or neg as well. No one is going to be offended by such a question. Then you just have to get a feel for how risky they are.

Ultimately, if you're going to bareback you're taking that risk to a much higher level than playing safe. I went out with a guy who was poz for a while, and if it hadn't been for that (and we played safe obviously) I don't think I would bareback as much now. But in that time I came to accept that I was probably going to catch HIV sooner or later. I do try and avoid it, I am careful, but sooner or later I wouldn't be surprised if I got it.

Ultimately, though, anything someone says about precautions they take when barebacking are just post-rationalisations for their behaviour.

JASON: I always say that the most important thing to emphasize is to get regularly tested, to visit the clinic on schedule for check-ups, and all that. It's all about knowing your status and taking care of your health no matter your HIV status. What many men who bareback don't quite understand is that it's actually safer to get bred by a poz top who is on meds that keeps viral loads undetectable, than it is to be bred by men who bareback a lot but whose status is "unknown." Men who bareback a lot and have converted but aren't on meds will likely have a high viral load — making them more infectious — by virtue of not taking care of their health and taking the proper meds. Whereas it's much harder to infect with an undetectable viral load.

ROGER: Yeah. I don't play with undetectable guys still, but maybe that is a stigma I need to get over. I need to do more research on it first I think.

UPDATE: Roger has researched the issue and has written about it on his Tumblr. Our exchange above took place on August 10, but on August 26, after Roger posted this video ("Hot couple take turns fuck my hole bareback"), an anonymous reader asked him, "I thought you didn't take poz loads from guys, but I see that you're okay doing it now. If I may be so bold, why the change of heart?" Roger offers his answer here and follows up in two posts: "Playing with HIV positive people" and "Playing with HIV positive people - Part 2."

JASON: In terms of your videos, what would you like to do next to top what you've already done?

ROGER: Where next? Well I wish I was able to produce better videos, but I'm not a creative person and struggle with aesthetics. What I really would love is to do some pro shoots, so if you know anyone put in a good word for me. ;)

JASON: I wish I knew some pro porn studios in the UK, but I don't. There are a number of pro studios in the US that I think would be interested in you, like Bare Twinks, but they have plenty of guys already who are based in the states, and I don't know how much money these sorts of studios have to fly talent in from foreign lands. ;(

Do you know Treasure Island Media? They're based in San Francisco, but I know that one of their most prominent directors, Liam Cole, is based in London and he regularly shoots there. He directs very horny bareback porn videos, and he's cast men of all body types, from daddy types to slim boyish types like yourself.

ROGER: I have heard of TIM but not sure to be honest. [UPDATE: Since the publication of earlier parts of this Q&A, and shortly after this portion of our interview was conducted, Roger studied up on Treasure Island Media and actually met with them in London to discuss... opportunities.] The few contacts I have had with possibilities in porn ended up going nowhere just because they were so unreliable. I had three photoshoots set up that either got cancelled last minute or they just never turned up. Very frustrating so unless they show some interest in me I'm not wasting too much time on the porn industry any more.

UPDATE: In the time since Part 1 of this interview was published on August 1, Roger's bareback videos on XTube have exploded in popularity as he's added more clips and as his notoriety has grown and grown. His videos have now been seen more than a quarter million times
, with most of those views coming in just the past several weeks(Thanks to all the new viewers who have been discovering Roger's videos from Bare Curious!) Studios interested in working with him, kindly inquire within.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Nothing beats fucking your cum into a tight hole or having someone shoot inside you": The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 3

As previously noted — in Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview — Roger Kint is a Londoner who documents his sex life on Tumblr at My Dirty Favourites and on XTube (username rogerkint). That's his smooth, pierced cock in the photo above. He's @RogerKint84 on Twitter.

The Bare Curious Interview: Roger Kint, Part 3

JASON: How often do you need to cum?

ROGER: I cum probably two or three times a day on average. More at weekends.

JASON: You've got a video on XTube captioned, "First time I had a raw cock inside me, and it felt amazing as his spunk shot inside me." That was literally the first time you got fucked bareback? When did it happen?

ROGER: It was last summer. It was the first time I got fucked bareback and one of the first times I got fucked at all. I had tried it a few times before but it never did anything for me. Most of the time it still doesn't, so I don't bottom often.

I got it on video mainly because I was thinking I don't bottom much at all and I will not be barebacking much either, so it will be a rare event worth saving. I never thought I would do it that often, even as a top.

I almost regret it, as now safe sex just doesn't feel anything like as good. I'm too used to how good raw sex feels. I still do play safe with the majority of people I hook up with, and the sex is good, but nothing beats fucking your cum into a tight hole or having someone shoot inside you.

JASON: I definitely understand. It's like they say, "Once you go bare, you never go back."  ;)

Well, you do still have some wrapped-up sex, but as you said, it doesn't compare. I liken wearing a condom to kissing with a plastic bag over your head. The loss of sensation and intimacy is tragic. I even find it hard to watch condom porn because it only reminds me of that loss of sensation and intimacy. Do you watch bareback porn?

ROGER: I do watch mainly bareback porn now. Safe porn just doesn't do it for me as well. I love the idea of a guy seeding a hole. Having a tight young guy bred by fat cocks, fucking cum into him.

Regarding intimacy, for me that has nothing to do with sex. I have sex purely because it feels good and I like to please, so condoms are just a barrier to greater pleasure. I'm not much of a romantic. :P

JASON: You're a newly single man. Tell me about the best sex you've had recently.

ROGER: There's a guy I have spoken to on Twitter for some time and he was down in London at the weekend. Met in Chariots and had an awesome time. We fooled around for a while and then when I couldn't hold back anymore I shot a load in his tight smooth hole.

He wanted me to lick it out of him so I did, and then turned round and he slid his hard cock into my hole. He fucked me hard from behind until he shot a load in me. It was so horny. Wish we could have done it all again!

Hopefully we will again soon.

JASON: Taking turns breeding is the hottest! Even hotter that you licked your load out of his hole. What'd you do, just swallow it? Or spit or kiss it into his mouth? Been meaning to ask, are you into kissing?

ROGER: Not into kissing really. A lot of people aren't good at it, and there are better uses for my mouth than that. ;)

I licked it out and ate it. It was pretty hot. His hole was amazing.

JASON: Hot. Did you know in advance of actually meeting him that you'd be barebacking? Was it agreed in advance? Or did it just happen?

ROGER: No, I wasn't even sure we would do anything. I had made up my mind to go and then found out he was going to be there so was hopeful, but not expectant of doing anything with him.

JASON: Also, for a guy who mostly identifies as a top so far, you seem to be getting bred more often lately. Are you getting in touch with your inner bottom?

ROGER: I am mainly top, but mainly because bottoming has never felt good for me. However, recently I've discovered that I enjoy it bare. Still don't enjoy it with a condom, though.

That reminds me of a message I got recently. During a discussion about the hazards of barebacking, someone sent me a private message saying why barebacking was dangerous, etc. And if I wanted to enjoy bottoming more and play safe then I should try taking some hard drugs first. I could barely contain myself at such a ridiculous suggestion.

JASON: That is crazy. Get fucked up on hard drugs and then have "safe sex"? Like that's gonna happen.

It's interesting you've discovered that you enjoy bottoming if you do it bareback. People talk about how annoying condoms are for the top, that's a given, but a lot of bottoms experience extreme discomfort when getting fucked by a rubbered cock.

ROGER: I think it might be that I'm allergic. Haven't been tested yet but I wouldn't be surprised.

Click here for Part 4 of this interview.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

How a London lad got to bareback a Norwegian amateur porn legend (The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 2)

As noted in Part 1 of this interview, Roger Kint (@RogerKint84 on Twitter) is a Londoner who documents his sex life on Tumblr at My Dirty Favourites and on XTube (username rogerkint). He and his then-boyfriend Karl made amateur gay porn history in June when they barebacked "Sipho," aka Markus Bollingmo, a Norwegian lad living in Paris, who is "internet famous" in the gay world thanks not only to his amateur XTube videos (username: ludicolo), which have been watched more than 5 million times, but his beautiful photography. Both Karl and Roger shot their cum inside Markus. The breeding session was caught on video and in pics for posterity. The photo above is of Roger about to enter Markus; watch for a few more pics right here on Bare Curious this week. And you can see the video of Karl and Roger (in that order) breeding Markus on Xtube.

The Bare Curious Interview: Roger Kint, Part 2

JASON: I noticed that months before you started posting your own vids and pics, you posted two pics of Markus/Sipho from his 3x4ever Tumblr -- one of him stroking his big cock, one of him with a toy up his hole. I've followed him for years, he is such an icon! So it's rather amazing that you and Karl ended up fucking him during his recent visit to London. How did that end up happening? Did he contact you, or did you contact him?

ROGER: I started speaking to him on Dudesnude a year or two ago. Just a couple of messages back and forth. I was a big admirer too!

Started following him on Twitter this year and then when he said he was coming to London someone tweeted us both and said he should stay with me. Clearly it was a bit of a dream but I offered room in my bed and he accepted.

Epic win. So he ended up staying with and it was awesome. He is a great guy and I enjoyed his company as much as his fine arse. (And I must say, his arse is fantastic. I don't imagine I will ever fuck another arse like that.)

JASON: Did you plan on barebacking him in advance, or did it just sort of happen?

ROGER: We spoke about barebacking long before he got here. Half seriously, half whilst horny and wanking. I thought it was highly unlikely it would happen, though, and then the general subject came up between me and Karl and we agreed no barebacking with others. One day on my way home Sipho messaged me and said "I think you will be allowed to bareback me now." Why? Because Karl already had. We made those vids and pics that night. Wish we had got to it sooner, to be honest. We sent too much time being typically British.

JASON: Whoah! So Sipho/Markus was staying with you, and while you were out for the day Karl fucked him raw? So Markus got a load from Karl that day, and then you when you got home another load from you and another load from Karl?


JASON: That is hot! Were you initially annoyed with Karl that he'd broken the no-barebacking-outside-the-relationship rule? Did you give him a hard time about it, or were you secretly pleased because then that meant you also got to breed Markus? By the way, it's funny that Markus was the one to tell you that Karl had cum in his hole. I wonder if Karl put him up to that. ;)

ROGER: Karl wouldn't have told me. I wasn't secretive about my happiness. I was up for barebacking others too, but the crucial thing was that we would always tell each other.

JASON: So when you and Karl were boyfriends, if he wanted to get barebacked by a damn fit guy and told you about it, and then came home with a hole full of cum, you wouldn't have been jealous?

ROGER: I don't get jealous. I would have been turned on and would have just wanted to fuck his sloppy hole. Breed him again. Watch others do the same.

Click here for Part 3 of this interview.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Roger Kint, smooth London barebacker with a big PA: The Bare Curious Interview

Roger Kint is a Londoner who documents his sex life on Tumblr at My Dirty Favourites and on XTube (username: rogerkint). He maintains a totally smooth look and has a large Prince Albert piercing in his uncut cock. Roger has both condom sex and (selective) bareback sex. Roger's XTube videos have titles like "Fucking a tight hole raw" and descriptions like "First time I had a raw cock inside me, and it felt amazing as his spunk shot inside me."

In June, most notably, Roger and his then-boyfriend Karl barebacked "Sipho," aka Markus Bollingmo, a Norwegian lad living in Paris who is "internet famous" in the gay world thanks not only to his amateur XTube videos (username: ludicolo), which have been watched more than 5 million times, but his beautiful photography. (Roger and Karl both bred him on his recent visit to London; watch for details on how that hook-up happened in Part 2 of this Q&A.)

Here is Part 1 of my interview with Roger (whose cock is shown in the pic above).

JASON: First you have you have to tell me about your PA. When did you get it? How big is it gauge-wise, and did you start with smaller ones first then move up to what you have now?

ROGER: I got it in 2010 over the Easter weekend (thinking that would give me a bit more time before I had to go back to work for it to heal). I have always dealt with it in millimeters rather than gauge, I'm not sure why, maybe just because I know what 6 mm is better than 00 gauge. It was pierced at 2.4 mm, I think, and I'm now at 6 mm. It was a good 6 months before I tried sizing up, and to be honest I haven't changed it in about 6 months either. Every time I go up I think "Woah, that is big. I will never go bigger." And then I do. :P

JASON: How does it change the sensation of fucking and coming for you?

ROGER: The question about how it feels is always an interesting one. Some people say "It must hurt," which is of course ridiculous. Why would I get and keep something that was painful? It feels good. There is some increase in physical pleasure for me, but it is more psychological, I think. Apparently for the bottom it really hits the spot, though. I want to try getting fucked by one so I can relate better.

JASON: When did you first decide to post videos of your sex life? I'm only aware of your videos from your Tumblr, where you started posting videos in January of this year, and XTube, where the videos shown on Tumblr are actually hosted, but were you posting anywhere before that?

ROGER: I had made a couple of basic vids before to put on dudesnude and didn't think much of it. In January someone I know mentioned they were starting a Tumblr account just to post naked pics so I set one up and followed them. Soon I decided to post some too and that naturally escalated to videos, so I changed my Tumblr from a useless porn aggregator that I wasn't using properly into something more useful. That's about it. Nothing too fancy.

JASON: Tell me about your smooth look. How often do you shave? When did you first start shaving down your cock completely? I presume you shave your arse too?

ROGER: How often do I shave? Not often enough! I always leave it too long and get a rash when I do remember. Started doing it about two years ago; feels so much better and I prefer the look. Do shave all over.

JASON: Did you and your boyfriend ever shave each other?

ROGER: Never shaved each other; doesn't do anything for me, it's just a hygiene factor, really. It would be like brushing each other's teeth.

JASON: Ha ha! I bet you could find some people into that fetish—brushing each other's teeth. To each his own. Speaking of your ex, Karl, he starred in a lot of your videos. You two were very hot together. Did it take some convincing, or was he as interested as you were in sharing your sex life on Tumblr?

ROGER: It took some convincing, but not much. He was fine with it at first, when I was just someone he was fucking, but it became an issue because he felt like I was just showing him off. Obviously that isn't true. He is hot and people love him but I don't post videos to gloat.

JASON: Do you think of yourself as an exhibitionist in your life in general? Or is your exhibitionism something restricted to your Tumblr?

ROGER: I'm definitely not an exhibitionist in normal life. In fact, I hate having my photo taken. Before about the beginning of 2011 there were exactly 14 photos 
in existence of me wearing clothes (mainly school photos and a couple of family ones I couldn't dodge). That's how much I hate having my photo taken, but God knows why I don't have that issue in a sexual situation. I'm actually a very quiet person and definitely not the soul of a party. So I have no idea why I like sexual pics and vids. Though in that vein I have no idea why people like my pics and vids. There are much better out there. I have don't watch any of them after I upload them.

As a slight aside, here is my philosophy on beauty. An individual is the least reliable source on their own attractiveness. I don't have a great physique, my face is not cute, I have terrible skin, and my penis is average. However, that means nothing because ultimately what matters is how others perceive me. If people think I'm hot and I can find 19-year-olds to date and fuck, then who am I to claim ringing the bells of Notre Dame as my most fitting job? I think far too many guys these days concentrate too much on getting told they are attractive or trying to show they are. Just learn to accept who you are.

Click here for Part 2 of this interview.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

"after i breed you, i'll keep fucking"

A post spotted on Craigslist Salt Lake City today:
lets FUCK! - 24 (SLC)

new in town, nyc italian stallion, you slc boys are super horny crazy, cough-from fires,

thanks for the compliments, but I don't want a blow job...i want TO FUCK YOU DEEP and HARD

happy to cum inside you...allergic to latex, so raw/bb prefered

six 4, 200, 8.5" uncut...after i breed you, i'll keep fucking

ready now, send at least 1 pix and at least your age, 18 to 55 best

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

"If you like to use a young twink as your personal cum dump..."

A post spotted on Craigslist Chicago today:
Yng white twink looking for BBC - 22 (Edgewater)

22 white college twink looking to get pounded and bred by hung black cock. Totally addicted to big black dick and taking loads from hung studs.

If you like to pound a yng twink hole with your thick, hung meat...
If you like to hear a boy beg for your cock...
If you like to use a young twink as your personal cum dump...
If you like to see tight hole stretched around your thick black rod...
If you like to make a boy moan and scream as you pound him...
If you love raping white hole...

...then hit me up.

Talented bttm here, eager to please verbal, top black studs.

Im 5'8", 150, avrg build, smooth, 7"cut

Hit me up with age, stats and pic if interested. Have pics to trade.

Poppers, verbal, dom, raw bb ++++

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Friday, June 22, 2012

"looking for a top that needs an ass to fuck and fill with cum"

A post spotted on Craigslist Philadelphia today:
BB bottom boy offering ass up for breeding - 21 (northeast )
looking for a top that needs an ass to fuck and fill with cum. looking for now/tonight/this weekend. slim boy with nice willing ass here

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Friday, June 15, 2012

18-year-old Seattle bottom seeks BB top to "fuck the shit out of me like its a new chapter in my life so I can move on"

A post spotted on Craigslist Seattle today:
Sub Bttm seeking hung cock - 18 (North Seattle ) 
Its been a long few weeks finishing up school with finals and today was my last day. 
Im looking for someone to fuck the shit out of me like its a new chapter in my life so I can move on. 
Here is a list of turn ons:
- Bareback
-Dom/ Aggressive guys
- Outdoor fun
- light kink
Athletic bodies...
-Being a party Bttm :) 
Anyways. YOU MUST HOST. 
I am looking to do this soon, or later this evening. 
Send pics and stats to get a reply, and please put BB Bottom in the Subject so I know its real. 

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

"I will take load after load until I'm filled."

A post spotted on Craigslist Los Angeles today:
BB Cum dump Party at Noon wanna Get filled Up - 21 (Eagle Rock) 
In shape, young btm slut taking anon loads this afternoon. Walk in to find me naked and horny for your cum. Ill be your sex slut. You can be as mild or wild as you like. I will take load after load until I'm filled. All guys invited can cum as many times as needed. Young/Old I bend over for anyone with a dick. Play with my extra sensitive nipples, and I'll do anything for your warm load. Just a cum hungry cumdump whore. Lets get fucking

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A post spotted on Craigslist Chicago today:

bb lookin for top I host NOW - m4m - 19 (North Side ) 


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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"TAKING ALL LOADS... NO condoms!!!"

A post spotted today on Craigslist Chicago:

JOCKSRAP'd bb ass 4 ANY person - 28 (uptown) 
Am up early - horny - and need sum CUM INSIDE ME.
Into dAddies/older types that like a nice hole.
TAKING ALL LOADS. uptown area. will b lubed, blindfolded with my ass in the air
Love taking anon loads - the more dirty u r the better 
Stayts are 5'9"s 157 pounds, brown hair, green eyes.
Hosting here oNLY 
if you are into a hot hole and wanna be in it :)
let me konw - no games please!!! 
NO condoms!!!

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"Breed me like a bitch in heat, leave my ass sore and dripping"

A post spotted today on Craigslist Los Angeles:

RAW HOLE FOR HUNG TOP - 21 (Hollywood/la) 
Hot boy here, Hosting NSA pump and dump scene for HUNG bb tops that wanna get off... Breed me like a bitch in heat, leave my ass sore and dripping  
I can host or travel, easy parking at my place.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

HUNG for public breeding - m4m - 22 (outside)

A post spotted today on Craigslist Los Angeles:

HUNG for public breeding - m4m - 22 (outside) 
big exhibitionist
looking to fuck nice neg and clean ass
love public play
6ft 145 lbs gl white guy
8.5 in here and 2 day load
let me know
other bb (neg) tops let me know, would be hot to get a gang bang going

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"Too late to stop him..." (HOT PIC)

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

"I've been lucky enough to be close to some wonderful men who bareback": The Buck Q&A Part 2

This is PART 2 of the Bare Curious interview with L.A. barebacker Buck. Read PART 1 here if you haven’t already!

JASON: When’s the first time you got fucked raw? How old was the guy and was he hot? Hung? Did he cum inside you?

BUCK: First time I got fucked raw was by this hot Daddy I met at a sex party. He was in his late 40s, a big beefy ex-football player. He had a fat 8.5-inch cock with a giant mushroom head. He fucked me safe at the party (I was still wary of taking it raw), but we made plans to meet up another time. He got us a motel room and shot three giant loads in me that night. He filled my hole up with some beer too and drank it all out. It was a really hot time... and definitely gave me a taste for more cum...

JASON: I love that that Daddy fucked you “safe” first and then later went bareback on your ass. That’s when you really know—when you can feel the difference in intimacy, when a guy fucks you “protected” and then that same guy also fucks you totally natural. What a great way for you to get introduced to barebacking. How old you were at the time?

BUCK: I was 23. 

JASON: How old are you now?

BUCK: I’m a few years older and wiser… still in my 20s.

JASON: Did he ask permission to breed you in that hotel room or did he just take control and enter you raw?

BUCK: We’d talked about barebacking before that night, so I knew what I was signing up for ;)

JASON: Did you worry about the risk at all? Like, did you know his HIV status? Or did that not matter to you?

BUCK: The risk factor definitely mattered to me back then. He told me he was neg and I’d known him long enough to feel I could trust him... But then again I also knew that he bred lots of different boys on the regular (which totally turned me on, haha).

JASON: Do you know your HIV status? Or do you not get regularly tested?

BUCK: I’ve always been a big proponent of getting tested regularly. Last fall I found out I’m poz.

JASON: Do you have any basic health or maintenance tips for bottoms who want to start barebacking? Like in terms of keeping other STIs at bay or whatever?

BUCK: Oh, most def. Whether you’re a top or bottom slut, you should be getting tested for STIs every three months. At the very least you should make sure they’re testing you for HIV (if your last test was neg), syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and Hepatitis-C. If you test positive for anything, be sure to get treated immediately; and don’t have sex that involves any kind of fluid exchange until you’ve finished treatment.

Be sure to get vaccinated for Hep-A and Hep-B, but also, be aware that these vaccines don’t protect you from Hep-C, which is out there and on the rise. Knowing that Hep-C infection rates are going up definitely makes me think twice before I take a random load (fortunately, I’m still Hep-C negative).

And last but not least, OPEN AND HONEST COMMUNICATION IS KEY. You have to be able to disclose to partners what STIs you have, and know what risks you’re comfortable taking.

JASON: You’re right, open and honest communication is totally key. I think a lot of guys forget that communication/disclosure is part of intimacy. Of course, in some settings there tend to be presumptions made that are an implicit form of communication. Like, if you’re openly getting bred bareback in a gangbang, the tops will assume that you’re either poz or poz-friendly, and any bottom has to assume that one or more of the tops is possibly poz. Speaking of which, tell me about that picture of you getting fucked that you sent me.

BUCK: It's me gettin' bred. You can see that top’s cock is covered with cum... think he was load number 7.

JASON: Was this in a public place? Did you know the top? 

BUCK: It was at a friend’s apartment. He whored me out for the night. I had no idea who was cumming to breed me but that guy in the pic happened to be someone I played with at a safe-sex party a long time ago. Had no idea he’d become a bareback sex pig too!

JASON: Who inspires you in how you live your life? Is there anyone—like a historical figure, an artist, a porn star or director—who inspired you to come to terms with your true desires and start to live life the way you realized you needed to live it?

BUCK: My friends, fuck-buds, and lovers inspire me more than any famous people I can think of. I’ve been lucky enough to be close to some wonderful men who bareback; men who’ve helped me allow myself to be the kind of pleasure-seeker I’ve always wanted to be.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buck, L.A. barebacker, is a cum-hungry Sacred Whore

I met Buck through the internet. (We live in different cities.) Trading email with him I realized he was a kindred spirit. Buck lives in Los Angeles and loves offering up his hole (as seen in the photo above) to anonymous tops in the city’s sex clubs and at sex parties. He also loves to breed bottoms who are as cum-hungry as he is.For Buck, bareback sex is not just about being a slut. Accepting cum is, for him, about becoming “a sex/love object,” a way of making an intense and intimate connection with men through physical communion. Because he’s a generous man—generous emotionally as well as physically—Buck agreed to answer some questions I sent his way.

JASON: How do you like to cum? Does the top usually cum in you first or do you cum before the top cums?

BUCK: My favorite place to cum is in a used-up, cum-filled manhole. If I’m getting fucked, I usually let the top cum first but sometimes I love getting fucked after I shoot a load too.

JASON: When you top, do you insist on bareback?

BUCK: When I top it's ALWAYS bareback. I see no point in fucking a hole if it's not skin-on-skin.

JASON: What's your favorite place to get fucked? Meaning, at a bathhouse or in a proper bed or through a gloryhole or whatever.

BUCK: My favorite place to get fucked is at sex parties. I love to cruise around and look for hotties to breed with, fuck sluts in slings, and most of all, just bend over and let anyone and everyone have a turn on my hole. Love getting fucked standing up, bent over. My hole always takes cock best that way.

JASON: How many raw loads do you think you've taken total in your life so far?

BUCK: Thats a tough one to answer... I really don't keep track. But if I had to guess I'd say somewhere around 100.

JASON: God, it's so hot to think of so many men having seeded you. That is a lot of cum!

BUCK: It is hot to think about... but not nearly enough! I look forward to the day when I can say I've taken thousands of loads!!!

JASON: I know how you feel! Hey, when you take another man's cum into your body, what does it mean to you? When I get inseminated it feels amazing. So it's partly about the sensation of it. But it's also about making a spiritual connection. To accept another man's cum into my body is a sort of consecration for me. It's sort of like a worship service, but it's also more than that, if you know what I mean? What does it mean to you?

BUCK: That's beautiful, and I do know what you mean. I'm totally down with the spiritual aspect of sex. For me, when I give up my hole for another man's pleasure, it's about becoming a sex/love object: a vessel. It's like I'm taking on the role of The Sacred Whore, finding exaltation through making myself subservient to the pleasure of another. I'm also a bit of a collector; I think that’s why I love the cum-dump thing. Cum is such a charged fluid. It holds great symbolic power as a means of transmission of all sorts of things (life, death, virility, disease, power, strength, love, masculinity, personal histories, DNA). I love knowing that when I man cums inside me, a part of him becomes part of me.

JASON: Dude, I think I love you! :) Seriously, I love what you just told me and it actually got me a little boned. I definitely see things the way you see them. I love your use of the term “vessel.” I think a lot of gay men will say “I'm a whore” or “I'm a slut” and they think they are admitting to something bad. I guess there are ways to be a bad whore or a bad slut (ha ha), but to come at it the way you come at it—which is the way I strive to come at it—makes all the difference. To accept and celebrate that your body is a vessel and a sacred space—and that cum is sacred—is really powerful. To combine “sacred” with “whore” is great too because “whore” is one of those words that can and should be reclaimed, in the same way that gays have reclaimed the words “fag” and “queer.” I know it’s a historical term/concept, but in regard to the contemporary gay community, a “Sacred Whore” to me is someone who has a generosity of spirit, a truly open mind AND body. It’s about being willing to go ALL the way with intimacy, to eliminate barriers. Physical barriers like condoms as well as emotional barriers. It’s about you embracing the “transgressive” and the “pure” at the same time. Which is so beautiful.

BUCK: Now I'm boned too! Lol. And yes, it’s all about embracing our base instincts and our higher capacities for intimacy and transcendence. As far as history goes, the idea of the sacred whore is totally ancient. Ya know, the ancient Greeks even had temples where men would go sleep with prostitutes as an act of worship. The temple prostitutes were revered instead of looked down upon... I'm totally into bringing back that kind of mentality. Reclaiming the word whore as a positive term of self-identification totally harkens back to that. It’s like coming full circle.

JASON: I also like what you said before about cum being “such a charged fluid.” I think all the time about the power of cum to give life and death. The fact that in the bareback community charged has come to mean poz (as in charged cum) is a really powerful metaphor. I’m HIV negative so far, I think, but I’ve had poz guys bareback me—and the metaphor of possible physical transformation, of being “charged up,” is almost overwhelmingly erotic to me. To be knocked up, to be impregnated, to be changed—what a mindfuck. I’m wondering, at any point did you feel like you were consciously “chasing”?

BUCK: I never consciously bug-chased. I did, however, make a very conscious decision to stop using condoms and never look back. After a long process of coming to terms with my desire to fuck raw, I eventually decided I was ok with the consequences, and I wanted to live life experiencing the kinds of pleasures that makes me feel fulfilled.

For PART 2 of this Q&A click here.

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—image of Buck getting fucked: courtesy of Buck

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