Saturday, September 1, 2012

Top 10 most popular posts on the Bare Curious blog in August 2012

I just looked at the Bare Curious blog traffic stats for August and these are the most popular posts of the month:

1. How a London lad got to bareback a Norwegian amateur porn legend (The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 2)

2. Roger Kint, smooth London barebacker with a big PA: The Bare Curious Interview

3. "Nothing beats fucking your cum into a tight hole or having someone shoot inside you": The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 3

4. "after i breed you, i'll keep fucking"

5. Fat shaved smooth uncut cock on stud with Marky Mark face (HOT PIC!)

6. CUM MISSILE: massive rock hard uncut cock is shaved smooth and READY TO BREED!

7. Is Bel Ami turning into a bareback studio? (from January 2010)

8. Cum is the best lube

9. 18-year-old Seattle bottom seeks BB top to "fuck the shit out of me like its a new chapter in my life so I can move on"

10. "I will take load after load until I'm filled."

Image of Roger Kint above courtesy of Roger Kint

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