Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buck, L.A. barebacker, is a cum-hungry Sacred Whore

I met Buck through the internet. (We live in different cities.) Trading email with him I realized he was a kindred spirit. Buck lives in Los Angeles and loves offering up his hole (as seen in the photo above) to anonymous tops in the city’s sex clubs and at sex parties. He also loves to breed bottoms who are as cum-hungry as he is.For Buck, bareback sex is not just about being a slut. Accepting cum is, for him, about becoming “a sex/love object,” a way of making an intense and intimate connection with men through physical communion. Because he’s a generous man—generous emotionally as well as physically—Buck agreed to answer some questions I sent his way.

JASON: How do you like to cum? Does the top usually cum in you first or do you cum before the top cums?

BUCK: My favorite place to cum is in a used-up, cum-filled manhole. If I’m getting fucked, I usually let the top cum first but sometimes I love getting fucked after I shoot a load too.

JASON: When you top, do you insist on bareback?

BUCK: When I top it's ALWAYS bareback. I see no point in fucking a hole if it's not skin-on-skin.

JASON: What's your favorite place to get fucked? Meaning, at a bathhouse or in a proper bed or through a gloryhole or whatever.

BUCK: My favorite place to get fucked is at sex parties. I love to cruise around and look for hotties to breed with, fuck sluts in slings, and most of all, just bend over and let anyone and everyone have a turn on my hole. Love getting fucked standing up, bent over. My hole always takes cock best that way.

JASON: How many raw loads do you think you've taken total in your life so far?

BUCK: Thats a tough one to answer... I really don't keep track. But if I had to guess I'd say somewhere around 100.

JASON: God, it's so hot to think of so many men having seeded you. That is a lot of cum!

BUCK: It is hot to think about... but not nearly enough! I look forward to the day when I can say I've taken thousands of loads!!!

JASON: I know how you feel! Hey, when you take another man's cum into your body, what does it mean to you? When I get inseminated it feels amazing. So it's partly about the sensation of it. But it's also about making a spiritual connection. To accept another man's cum into my body is a sort of consecration for me. It's sort of like a worship service, but it's also more than that, if you know what I mean? What does it mean to you?

BUCK: That's beautiful, and I do know what you mean. I'm totally down with the spiritual aspect of sex. For me, when I give up my hole for another man's pleasure, it's about becoming a sex/love object: a vessel. It's like I'm taking on the role of The Sacred Whore, finding exaltation through making myself subservient to the pleasure of another. I'm also a bit of a collector; I think that’s why I love the cum-dump thing. Cum is such a charged fluid. It holds great symbolic power as a means of transmission of all sorts of things (life, death, virility, disease, power, strength, love, masculinity, personal histories, DNA). I love knowing that when I man cums inside me, a part of him becomes part of me.

JASON: Dude, I think I love you! :) Seriously, I love what you just told me and it actually got me a little boned. I definitely see things the way you see them. I love your use of the term “vessel.” I think a lot of gay men will say “I'm a whore” or “I'm a slut” and they think they are admitting to something bad. I guess there are ways to be a bad whore or a bad slut (ha ha), but to come at it the way you come at it—which is the way I strive to come at it—makes all the difference. To accept and celebrate that your body is a vessel and a sacred space—and that cum is sacred—is really powerful. To combine “sacred” with “whore” is great too because “whore” is one of those words that can and should be reclaimed, in the same way that gays have reclaimed the words “fag” and “queer.” I know it’s a historical term/concept, but in regard to the contemporary gay community, a “Sacred Whore” to me is someone who has a generosity of spirit, a truly open mind AND body. It’s about being willing to go ALL the way with intimacy, to eliminate barriers. Physical barriers like condoms as well as emotional barriers. It’s about you embracing the “transgressive” and the “pure” at the same time. Which is so beautiful.

BUCK: Now I'm boned too! Lol. And yes, it’s all about embracing our base instincts and our higher capacities for intimacy and transcendence. As far as history goes, the idea of the sacred whore is totally ancient. Ya know, the ancient Greeks even had temples where men would go sleep with prostitutes as an act of worship. The temple prostitutes were revered instead of looked down upon... I'm totally into bringing back that kind of mentality. Reclaiming the word whore as a positive term of self-identification totally harkens back to that. It’s like coming full circle.

JASON: I also like what you said before about cum being “such a charged fluid.” I think all the time about the power of cum to give life and death. The fact that in the bareback community charged has come to mean poz (as in charged cum) is a really powerful metaphor. I’m HIV negative so far, I think, but I’ve had poz guys bareback me—and the metaphor of possible physical transformation, of being “charged up,” is almost overwhelmingly erotic to me. To be knocked up, to be impregnated, to be changed—what a mindfuck. I’m wondering, at any point did you feel like you were consciously “chasing”?

BUCK: I never consciously bug-chased. I did, however, make a very conscious decision to stop using condoms and never look back. After a long process of coming to terms with my desire to fuck raw, I eventually decided I was ok with the consequences, and I wanted to live life experiencing the kinds of pleasures that makes me feel fulfilled.

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—image of Buck getting fucked: courtesy of Buck

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