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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mason Wyler, Bareback Superstar?

You know Mason Wyler, right? If you’re a fan of gay porn, you’ve heard of him, because he’s a porn icon for our times — and definitely one of the most interesting personalities in the “perversion for profit” industry, as he calls it on his website, Wyler Nation. He recently relaunched his site, declaring that “I have practiced, performed, and promoted sexual acts in pre-recorded videos which have been played in privacy from Pennsylvania to Pakistan” — Mason’s got a great sense of humor about the absurdities of the porn racket and his part in it — and describes himself as a “former porn star turned porn critic.”

Why is he a former porn star? Because last year he was “outed” as being HIV positive. You can read about some of the drama in his blog posts “Positive, Thankful, and Over It” and “I am the Face of HIV in the Gay Porn Industry.” (He is a smart, provocative writer, always worth reading.) If you follow his Twitter feed @Mason_WylerXXX, you know he still has a hot, active, fulfilling sex life. He seems to be every bit the exhibitionist he always was, only now he doesn’t have a forum — because the hypocritical gay porn industry (the politically correct “safer sex” part of the gay porn industry) has turned its back on him. On January 3, he tweeted “Condom Porn is done with me... Should I do Bareback Porn now?” One of his followers, @jasonmark, tweeted back, “Done with you? NEVER!!” Mason replied “Looks pretty done to me. Haven’t filmed a thing in over 8 months. If that’s not done then I don’t know what is.”

It seems like most of those who replied to Mason’s original post on Twitter really want him to do bareback porn. Do you? Send him a tweet @Mason_WylerXXX, or email him at mason [at]

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a top with a PA may be trying to tell you

What a top with a PA may be trying to tell you:

1. I’m all about my cock.
2. I’m mostly—or entirely—a top.
3. When I fuck you, you’re really going to feel it.
4. When I fuck, I fuck bareback.
5. When I fuck you, I’m going to shoot my cum inside of you.

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image from Blamboys

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