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"I've been lucky enough to be close to some wonderful men who bareback": The Buck Q&A Part 2

This is PART 2 of the Bare Curious interview with L.A. barebacker Buck. Read PART 1 here if you haven’t already!

JASON: When’s the first time you got fucked raw? How old was the guy and was he hot? Hung? Did he cum inside you?

BUCK: First time I got fucked raw was by this hot Daddy I met at a sex party. He was in his late 40s, a big beefy ex-football player. He had a fat 8.5-inch cock with a giant mushroom head. He fucked me safe at the party (I was still wary of taking it raw), but we made plans to meet up another time. He got us a motel room and shot three giant loads in me that night. He filled my hole up with some beer too and drank it all out. It was a really hot time... and definitely gave me a taste for more cum...

JASON: I love that that Daddy fucked you “safe” first and then later went bareback on your ass. That’s when you really know—when you can feel the difference in intimacy, when a guy fucks you “protected” and then that same guy also fucks you totally natural. What a great way for you to get introduced to barebacking. How old you were at the time?

BUCK: I was 23. 

JASON: How old are you now?

BUCK: I’m a few years older and wiser… still in my 20s.

JASON: Did he ask permission to breed you in that hotel room or did he just take control and enter you raw?

BUCK: We’d talked about barebacking before that night, so I knew what I was signing up for ;)

JASON: Did you worry about the risk at all? Like, did you know his HIV status? Or did that not matter to you?

BUCK: The risk factor definitely mattered to me back then. He told me he was neg and I’d known him long enough to feel I could trust him... But then again I also knew that he bred lots of different boys on the regular (which totally turned me on, haha).

JASON: Do you know your HIV status? Or do you not get regularly tested?

BUCK: I’ve always been a big proponent of getting tested regularly. Last fall I found out I’m poz.

JASON: Do you have any basic health or maintenance tips for bottoms who want to start barebacking? Like in terms of keeping other STIs at bay or whatever?

BUCK: Oh, most def. Whether you’re a top or bottom slut, you should be getting tested for STIs every three months. At the very least you should make sure they’re testing you for HIV (if your last test was neg), syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and Hepatitis-C. If you test positive for anything, be sure to get treated immediately; and don’t have sex that involves any kind of fluid exchange until you’ve finished treatment.

Be sure to get vaccinated for Hep-A and Hep-B, but also, be aware that these vaccines don’t protect you from Hep-C, which is out there and on the rise. Knowing that Hep-C infection rates are going up definitely makes me think twice before I take a random load (fortunately, I’m still Hep-C negative).

And last but not least, OPEN AND HONEST COMMUNICATION IS KEY. You have to be able to disclose to partners what STIs you have, and know what risks you’re comfortable taking.

JASON: You’re right, open and honest communication is totally key. I think a lot of guys forget that communication/disclosure is part of intimacy. Of course, in some settings there tend to be presumptions made that are an implicit form of communication. Like, if you’re openly getting bred bareback in a gangbang, the tops will assume that you’re either poz or poz-friendly, and any bottom has to assume that one or more of the tops is possibly poz. Speaking of which, tell me about that picture of you getting fucked that you sent me.

BUCK: It's me gettin' bred. You can see that top’s cock is covered with cum... think he was load number 7.

JASON: Was this in a public place? Did you know the top? 

BUCK: It was at a friend’s apartment. He whored me out for the night. I had no idea who was cumming to breed me but that guy in the pic happened to be someone I played with at a safe-sex party a long time ago. Had no idea he’d become a bareback sex pig too!

JASON: Who inspires you in how you live your life? Is there anyone—like a historical figure, an artist, a porn star or director—who inspired you to come to terms with your true desires and start to live life the way you realized you needed to live it?

BUCK: My friends, fuck-buds, and lovers inspire me more than any famous people I can think of. I’ve been lucky enough to be close to some wonderful men who bareback; men who’ve helped me allow myself to be the kind of pleasure-seeker I’ve always wanted to be.

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