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"Did you run out of lube on purpose?"

He said he ran out of lube, so he asked if he could rim my ass. “Fuck yes,” I said, and he went at it. He got me so opened up, I almost felt helpless—like a bitch in heat. Still, when he tried to push his thick cock in me doggie style, it hurt too much at first, so I asked him to get on his back so I could sit on his cock.

I started to ease down on it and he was just totally grinning at me. “Did you run out of lube on purpose?” I asked. He started laughing and pulled me in for a kiss.

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—images from Buried Deep Inside
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Until my DNA is left within his hole"

HOT READING: the December 2nd post titled “Clusterfuck of emotions” at the Life in the Raw blog, about breeding a “sexy latin guy that I usually run into at Hollywood Spa.” Here’s an excerpt:
“Fear. Desire. Hunger. Lust. His eyes tell all these and more when we see each other. I love the power he has given me over him, and often I will fuck him, leave... and come back to him. Knowing that he is lying in his room, knowing that I will not stop fucking him until my DNA is left within his hole.”
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