Thursday, August 2, 2012

Roger Kint, smooth London barebacker with a big PA: The Bare Curious Interview

Roger Kint is a Londoner who documents his sex life on Tumblr at My Dirty Favourites and on XTube (username: rogerkint). He maintains a totally smooth look and has a large Prince Albert piercing in his uncut cock. Roger has both condom sex and (selective) bareback sex. Roger's XTube videos have titles like "Fucking a tight hole raw" and descriptions like "First time I had a raw cock inside me, and it felt amazing as his spunk shot inside me."

In June, most notably, Roger and his then-boyfriend Karl barebacked "Sipho," aka Markus Bollingmo, a Norwegian lad living in Paris who is "internet famous" in the gay world thanks not only to his amateur XTube videos (username: ludicolo), which have been watched more than 5 million times, but his beautiful photography. (Roger and Karl both bred him on his recent visit to London; watch for details on how that hook-up happened in Part 2 of this Q&A.)

Here is Part 1 of my interview with Roger (whose cock is shown in the pic above).

JASON: First you have you have to tell me about your PA. When did you get it? How big is it gauge-wise, and did you start with smaller ones first then move up to what you have now?

ROGER: I got it in 2010 over the Easter weekend (thinking that would give me a bit more time before I had to go back to work for it to heal). I have always dealt with it in millimeters rather than gauge, I'm not sure why, maybe just because I know what 6 mm is better than 00 gauge. It was pierced at 2.4 mm, I think, and I'm now at 6 mm. It was a good 6 months before I tried sizing up, and to be honest I haven't changed it in about 6 months either. Every time I go up I think "Woah, that is big. I will never go bigger." And then I do. :P

JASON: How does it change the sensation of fucking and coming for you?

ROGER: The question about how it feels is always an interesting one. Some people say "It must hurt," which is of course ridiculous. Why would I get and keep something that was painful? It feels good. There is some increase in physical pleasure for me, but it is more psychological, I think. Apparently for the bottom it really hits the spot, though. I want to try getting fucked by one so I can relate better.

JASON: When did you first decide to post videos of your sex life? I'm only aware of your videos from your Tumblr, where you started posting videos in January of this year, and XTube, where the videos shown on Tumblr are actually hosted, but were you posting anywhere before that?

ROGER: I had made a couple of basic vids before to put on dudesnude and didn't think much of it. In January someone I know mentioned they were starting a Tumblr account just to post naked pics so I set one up and followed them. Soon I decided to post some too and that naturally escalated to videos, so I changed my Tumblr from a useless porn aggregator that I wasn't using properly into something more useful. That's about it. Nothing too fancy.

JASON: Tell me about your smooth look. How often do you shave? When did you first start shaving down your cock completely? I presume you shave your arse too?

ROGER: How often do I shave? Not often enough! I always leave it too long and get a rash when I do remember. Started doing it about two years ago; feels so much better and I prefer the look. Do shave all over.

JASON: Did you and your boyfriend ever shave each other?

ROGER: Never shaved each other; doesn't do anything for me, it's just a hygiene factor, really. It would be like brushing each other's teeth.

JASON: Ha ha! I bet you could find some people into that fetish—brushing each other's teeth. To each his own. Speaking of your ex, Karl, he starred in a lot of your videos. You two were very hot together. Did it take some convincing, or was he as interested as you were in sharing your sex life on Tumblr?

ROGER: It took some convincing, but not much. He was fine with it at first, when I was just someone he was fucking, but it became an issue because he felt like I was just showing him off. Obviously that isn't true. He is hot and people love him but I don't post videos to gloat.

JASON: Do you think of yourself as an exhibitionist in your life in general? Or is your exhibitionism something restricted to your Tumblr?

ROGER: I'm definitely not an exhibitionist in normal life. In fact, I hate having my photo taken. Before about the beginning of 2011 there were exactly 14 photos 
in existence of me wearing clothes (mainly school photos and a couple of family ones I couldn't dodge). That's how much I hate having my photo taken, but God knows why I don't have that issue in a sexual situation. I'm actually a very quiet person and definitely not the soul of a party. So I have no idea why I like sexual pics and vids. Though in that vein I have no idea why people like my pics and vids. There are much better out there. I have don't watch any of them after I upload them.

As a slight aside, here is my philosophy on beauty. An individual is the least reliable source on their own attractiveness. I don't have a great physique, my face is not cute, I have terrible skin, and my penis is average. However, that means nothing because ultimately what matters is how others perceive me. If people think I'm hot and I can find 19-year-olds to date and fuck, then who am I to claim ringing the bells of Notre Dame as my most fitting job? I think far too many guys these days concentrate too much on getting told they are attractive or trying to show they are. Just learn to accept who you are.

Click here for Part 2 of this interview.

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