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"Did you run out of lube on purpose?"

He said he ran out of lube, so he asked if he could rim my ass. “Fuck yes,” I said, and he went at it. He got me so opened up, I almost felt helpless—like a bitch in heat. Still, when he tried to push his thick cock in me doggie style, it hurt too much at first, so I asked him to get on his back so I could sit on his cock.

I started to ease down on it and he was just totally grinning at me. “Did you run out of lube on purpose?” I asked. He started laughing and pulled me in for a kiss.

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—images from Buried Deep Inside
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Until my DNA is left within his hole"

HOT READING: the December 2nd post titled “Clusterfuck of emotions” at the Life in the Raw blog, about breeding a “sexy latin guy that I usually run into at Hollywood Spa.” Here’s an excerpt:
“Fear. Desire. Hunger. Lust. His eyes tell all these and more when we see each other. I love the power he has given me over him, and often I will fuck him, leave... and come back to him. Knowing that he is lying in his room, knowing that I will not stop fucking him until my DNA is left within his hole.”
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Are you getting close? Do you want to cum in me?

Are you getting close?
P: Yeah.
J: Do you want to cum in me?
P: Can I? Do you want me to?
J: Fuck yeah, dude. Shoot it me deep, okay? Don’t pull out—just push it in as deep as you can when you’re coming, okay?
P: Yeah, fucking breed your faggot ass. You like taking loads in your hole bareback?
J: Fuck yeah.
P: You want my cum, baby?
J: Fuck yeah!!
P: Fucking FUCK! Here it comes, baby!!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cock I'd Take Raw

Given the chance, I’d dare myself to take this guy’s cock with no lube. Just spit and precum.

Okay, maybe a little lube. ;)

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Get Ready for Cumhole Dave and Cumdump Jim

Are you ready? Cumming soon to Bare Curious:
  • An in-depth interview with BC reader Cumhole Dave
  • An in-depth interview with BC reader Cumdump Jim
  • A review of a hot new bareback release from a major studio that mostly does condom porn, but has now embraced breeding in a BIG WAY.
And don’t forget to send email and leave comments!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Love Matt & Dan

1. Matt & Dan, who blog at Matt & Dan’s Sexual Adventures, celebrate gay sexuality in all its glory. In the gay blogging community, they stand out as incredibly compelling champions of bareback sex. Their narratives of their “sexual adventures” are hot, nasty, entertaining and often thrilling.

2. They’re fearless. Check out that BAREBACK PRIDE: FUCKING WITHOUT FEAR graphic on their site. Right on! In an age in which Condom Nazis continue to spread hysteria and disinformation about condomless sex, Matt & Dan celebrate the purity and freedom of gay sex as nature intended.

3. They’re passionate. If you read Matt & Dan regularly, you know how much passion they put into seeking out and engaging in truly great sex. They don’t compromise; they don’t engage in half-hearted fucking. Even their most anonymous encounters can come off as transcendent and life-affirming. You get the sense that these guys are able to truly make love with guys they’ve just met. They are able to fully commit to the present, and fully commit to their sexual partners.

4. They’re honest with themselves. Deep down, we all know that humans are animals. And yet so many of us are brainwashed into thinking that we should live up to impossible “standards” that deny our intrinsic animal instincts. Like, thinking that we should aspire to having a monogamous relationship (as if that’s some kind of pinnacle). Or that we should always “wrap it up.” Guess what? Over time, the vast majority of men — gay and straight — fail to live up to those “standards.” Why? Because they are, simply, unnatural. They are against nature. Matt & Dan have moved on completely from tired old presumptions and expectations. They’ve embraced who they really are.

5. They’re honest about the risks. As it says right on their homepage: “Matt’s more of a bottom; Dan’s more of a top. But we have one special thing in common: we love it bare. (And we get turned on by the risks...)” You may or may not agree with the extent to which they fetishize poz cum and poz-cock-in-neg-hole barebacking, but at least they’re not in denial about the way that barebacking can change your life. They’ve embraced the risks. In a supposedly enlightened gay community that still often stigmatizes openly HIV-positive men, Matt & Dan are champions of inclusiveness and acceptance.

6. They’re prolific. I recently took a break from blogging for lots of reasons, including that I was burned out. I felt bad about it, but I had to put myself first. Matt & Dan, in contrast, rarely seem to take breaks, or at least extended breaks. You can tell that they’re committed to being there for us, their devoted readers. They’re doing it for themselves, but they’re also doing it for us.

7. They’re generous. Blogging as much as Matt & Dan do is a lot of work. I guess part of the appeal for them must be that they’re exhibitionists — part of their reward must be that they get off on us getting off on them — but you can’t take away from these guys that, over the years, they’ve put a huge amount of effort into sharing their experiences with us. They’ve probably written the equivalent of a book by now. Their blog is a gift to the gay community, and it’s free to readers all over the world. Personally, I’m incredibly appreciative. I’m sure thousands of other guys are too.

8. They’re joyful. When Matt & Dan have great sex and share it with their readers, they’re sharing their joy at living life to its fullest.

9. They’re HOT. Lots of bareback bloggers write hot posts, but Matt & Dan have also graced us with pictures and videos of their physical hotness. I don’t think I’ve seen a hotter amateur (or “professional,” for that matter) porn scene so far this year than “Breeding Matt, the video!” When Matt, on his hands and knees, offers his hole up to Dan and keeps whispering, “Please, please, please” and “Please breed me,” you know how much he needs it. And you can tell how much Dan needs to breed his boy’s hole. Their chemistry is scorching.

10. They’re inspirational. What comes through in Matt & Dan’s blog posts is not only their passion for honest, uninhibited sex, but a sense of responsibility to the gay community. So many gays have been bombarded with sex-negative messages, and indoctrinated with the idea that gay men are not entitled to ever enjoy the true, complete experience that fucking without a condom allows. The “Use a Condom Every Time” crowd seems to think that gay men should never be allowed real intimacy — a way of looking at gay sexuality that is disgusting, cowardly, and speaks of self-loathing left over from last century. I bet hundreds, if not thousands, of guys have learned from Matt & Dan’s example and have decided to allow themselves truly fulfilling sex lives. That’s really beautiful when you think about it.

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Condoms Are For Ugly Folks!

Check out the post
“Condoms Are For Ugly Folks!” at a blog called The Frisky. It’s about a new ad campaign from OLLA, a Brazilian maker of condoms. The whole (humorous) point of the campaign seems to be that ugly heteros should use condoms so that they don’t make ugly babies. So I guess that means that hot homos should definitely not use condoms.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bareback-a-palooza: What YOU clicked on most!

Can’t believe it’s March already! Looking back on February, I thought you might be interested in the three most popular Bare Curious posts of the month (based on the number of times people clicked on them):

1. Cumhole Friday: Brent Everetta lot of you clicked on this and read up about porn god Brent Everett’s HOT bareback porn past.

2. Freshly Bredwhat it’s really like to submit to a hung top, let him fuck you raw, and accept his load deep inside.

3. Barebacking blogger refuses to waste his own cumabout a crazy cum-soaked challenge one BB blogger set for himself.

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—image from Gay Bare Plaisirs

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brent Everett lubes up for post-Olympic hockey fuck!

How cute—and HOT! Brent Everett blogged about watching Olympic hockey with his husband Steve in a post he titled "USA Beats Canada in Olympic Hockey, 5-3." He quoted part of a story from the Huffington Post, then added a personal note. Check out the last lines in particular:

This game was awesome. Both Steve & I watched with excitement. The USA hadn't beaten Canada in 50 years. Canada is such a better team (according to all the professionals) but the USA pulled it out and away. It was fun watching two teams that represented our countries (USA = Steve & Canada = me) play each other in the Olympics. Beer, family and friends just add to the fun mix. Although it sucked that my team lost, I was happy that it was to my second home, and Steve's home country, the USA.

It really was a good game. Fun educating Steve in the rules of hockey throughout the game. The only other winter Olympic sport he knew about was figure-skating... (how gay is he? I think u know now)! Oh, and he is just baffled by curling. Ha! If you're from the north you understand it.

He knows football. I know hockey. :-)

Brent Everett (Go Canada, eh!)
Oh, and the loser tonight has to be the big bottom. :-) Hey Steve, where's the good lube??? Better go get ready to rid'em cowboy... :-))

As always, be sure to check out Brent's awesome blog here. And his porn website here. And here's my earlier post about Brent: "Cumhole Friday: Brent Everett."

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image from The Heming Way II

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sensual Bareback

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—image from
The Heming Way II

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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Bareback Porn Manifesto from Paul Morris

A sort of bareback porn manifesto from Paul Morris, the legendary Treasure Island Media porn auteur (and leader, some say, of a cum cult):

"Every single person who has criticized the porn I make is laboring under a misunderstanding of what porn is. Hundreds of serious academic and governmental studies have shown that porn—if it is good porn—functions as a cathartic agent that relieves pent-up sexual energy. It's been shown over and over that porn doesn't lead to any particular kind of behavior, whether it's violent or unsafe. Rather it allows the viewer to live the experience vicariously, to be free from the need or the drive to act unwisely or uncharacteristically. The most famous porn studies from around the world show that cultures that have the most graphic and honest and freely available pornography are also the cultures with the healthiest sexuality. Moralistic porn that intends to 'teach' causes the greatest harm; it's propaganda, with no cathartic effect, reducing sex—the most profound element of life—to the level of a hygiene lesson. Porn is like any of the arts: to function correctly and healthily it has to be honest and it has to be fearless..."

That's from a rare interview he gave to Rick Reed at the Windy City Times all the way back in 2005. (I just stumbled across it.) Read the whole thing here: "Paul Morris: Rebel Artist or Provocateur?"

(Click on the image to enlarge)
—image from Paul Morris / Treasure Island Media's
The 1,000 Load Fuck

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Cumhole Friday: Brent Everett

You know who I’m jealous of? Porn god Brent Everett’s husband Steve Pena. (Yes, they’re married for real. They got married in California while it was briefly legal.) Steve gets to breed THIS hole! And get his hole bred by Brent’s fat cock. (If you’ve seen any of Brent’s porn flicks, he seems totally versatile.)

If you’re not already a Brent Everett fan, you should be. Check out his website. And his blog. He is SO FUCKING HOT. He did Bareback porn when he was 18, a flick called Barebacking Across America. If you haven’t seen it yet, you totally have to. It’s a classic!

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—image from Crashrush... nice boys

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Would you back up on this cock raw?

Would you back up on this cock raw?

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—image from
Mr. Gloryholejunkie

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I don't have any lube or condoms... So spit and precum?"

So youre at the beach and no one’s around. You didn’t plan on having sex. The guy who's been cruising you eventually gets really forward, starts talking to you. He keeps adjusting his Speedos—you comment that he’s obviously getting excited. He invites you to take a look. You look and say, “Wow, fuck.” He says, “You wanna? I’m a top. I don’t have any lube or condoms on me, though.” You say, “Me neither.” He grins and says, “Cool. So spit and precum, then? Get on your knees. Now.”

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—image from
I Saw Your Dick Online

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stretched Open

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—image from Bare Sqwhirl

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