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Anton Dickson, London barebacker and Treasure Island Media porn star: The Bare Curious Interview, Part 1

Anton Dickson is an artist and performer living in London. Fans of bareback porn may know him from his appearances in four Treasure Island Media films directed by Liam Cole: "Pounded" (released July 2009), "Wild Breed" (May 2010), "Full Tilt" (November 2010), and "In The Flesh" (October 2011). Anton also performs in a Cole-directed scene in "What I Can't See 3" (April 2011) and appears in the forthcoming "Slammed." He writes the weekly "Chronicles of A London CumPig" column for T.I.M.'s blog, publishes his own blog on Tumblr, and tweets frequently (@AntonDicksonX).

He is a former classical ballet dancer (he appeared in Matthew Bourne's critically-acclaimed all-male production of "Swan Lake" and has performed with the Swedish Royal Ballet, Ballet du Nord, the English National Ballet, and others), works as an architect (he's chartered/registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects), and operates Atelier A-Z Photography, a studio and creative services firm that he founded under his real name, Anton Z. Risan.

Anton has also appeared in videos from other bareback studios, including Raw Fuck Club ("Gut Feelings") and Raw Reality ("Real Big Dicks" and "Bareback Backpackers").

Here is Part 1 of Anton's first-ever in-depth interview:

JASON: Tell me about working with Treasure Island Media and Liam Cole.

ANTON: I've worked with Liam in his films for the last four years, and since December 2010 I also work part-time in the Treasure Island Media London office. Before meeting up with Liam I worked for other smaller bareback porn companies and before that I did mainly "safe" films and a few straight films.

JASON: With Liam, is there a "casting couch"? Did you get to breed him to prove your performance skills before getting cast?

ANTON: Hehe, no, Liam is very professional, and he had already seen me in other films. Remember, I've done porn since 1998, I think it is. Since I started in the porn industry I never had to "prove" anything. People are usually very professional, and I haven't experienced the casting couch myth.

JASON: I can't imagine the self-discipline Liam must have to have all these hot models around and then to be on set and watch them fuck each other. How does he keep from joining in?!

ANTON: Hehe, that's something you need to ask him.

JASON: Okay, I will! So what does working in the T.I.M. London office entail?

ANTON: My role at the T.I.M. office is providing admin support to Liam as much as I can manage time-wise, which includes sorting out model applications, maintaining databases, ensuring the computers run okay, sorting out expenses and tax issues, helping organise shoots, etc. All in all, a very busy small office.

JASON: As for your life outside of work, I noticed that in your dudesnude profile under "practice safer sex" you answer with "Never." With dudesnudes I've found that the other options for the "practice safe sex" question are never quite what they seem. "Always" usually means "Some of the time." A lot of guys who choose the "Most of the time" answer actually mean "If the other guy insists." And guys who answer "When appropriate" actually mean "Practically never." So cheers to you for answering unequivocally!

ANTON: Hehe, that analysis of the meaning of the safe sex options seems probably correct. Although I'm sure there are some guys out there that only have protected sex, though in bigger towns they seem far apart, lol.

JASON: When did you decide to always insist on bareback?

ANTON: After doing a lot of bareback films and also having partners — as in boyfriends — that I barebacked with, I got so used to it that nowadays I find it not stimulating to have condom sex. I prefer to be upfront with what I look for and that is bareback in the fucking department. Although I don't always fuck, I do like a good blowjob, too. Deepthroat, of course.

JASON: I know from your T.I.M. "Chronicles of A London CumPig" blog that you love a good bareback fuck and you also love shooting your load in guys' mouths and swallowing their loads too. By the way, speaking of partners, over time in your blog you've gone from describing Dean Monroe from being your "best friend of all time" and flatmate to your "husband." Did you guys get gay-married?

ANTON: Yeah, correct, we are legally civil partners for many years. We are not a couple as such in the "traditional" sense, we are more like soulmates. Dino is a very private person and I respect that. I've known him now for 15 years, and I know he doesn't like me talking too much about it, so that's all you're gonna get, hehe. Meeting Dino was like finding a long-lost brother and best friend and soulmate.
15 years in April 2013.

JASON: Congratulations! And of course I won't ask more questions about this....

Let's discuss your various professional roles. Your Twitter bio lists you as a "Swedish (mix Croatian) TIM bb Pornstar, Photographer, Architect, Producer/Director & ex Dancer based in London." Is that in a particular order? Meaning, do you consider your pornographic work to be most central to your identity, followed by the others?

ANTON: No, it's just in reverse chronological order — well almost. I was a dancer, then an architect — and still am — then a photographer/videographer, etc., and all along in the background I was doing my porn acting and gogo dancing and stripping stuff. Just basically me being me, lol — a naughty Swedish/Croatian man enjoying life to its fullest expression possible.

JASON: You do seem to be enjoying life....

Outside of your professional porn work, I love the videos you've been posting here and there like the "KUK" series and the short film "Azrael." "Azrael" is so beautiful. You're the star of it — along with a bottom whose face we never see — but did you also direct and edit it? It's extraordinary.

ANTON: Well, thank you, mister, you are very kind. Yeah I directed/
produced/filmed/edited all the "KUK" series — more to follow — and "Azrael" also. I am very happy that you like it. "Azrael" was especially close to my heart at the time I did it, and meant a lot to me.

JASON: The "KUK" series videos are very beautiful aesthetically, but the "Azrael" video really stands out for its story and the exquisite visuals and editing. It's intensely erotic and moving too, especially given the the subtext that the title "Azrael" suggests. I think there are so many layers of meaning to it. I notice more things about the piece each time I watch it. It's the rare short film that's worth watching again and again.

ANTON: Thank you. It was a culmination of a lot of things on my mind at the time, and I needed to get them off my chest somehow.

Part 2 of the interview coming soon!

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—Image of Anton Dickson courtesy of Anton Dickson.

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