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'More than anything I like to please when it comes to sex': The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 5

Last summer the Bare Curious blog featured an interview with Roger Kint, a Londoner who documents his sex life on Tumblr at My Dirty Favourites and on XTube (username: rogerkint). The Q&A appeared in four parts: "Roger Kint, smooth London barebacker with a big PA: The Bare Curious Interview","How a London lad got to bareback a Norwegian amateur porn legend (The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 2)", "'Nothing beats fucking your cum into a tight hole or having someone shoot inside you': The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 3", and "Smooth London Barebacker on HIV and Doing Porn: The Roger Kint Q&A, Part 4".

When I noticed in February that Roger's Xtube views had exceeded a million views, I asked him if he wanted to do a follow-up interview, and he was happy to.

JASON: Last July when I was sending you questions for our first Q&A, I asked you a side question about views of your videos on XTube. You told me that you had one big "hit" -- a video that got thousands of views -- but that "none of the others have got more than a couple of hundred views though so god knows how that one became so popular." Today your videos often get thousands of views within days of you posting them, some of them have tens of thousands of views, and one of them -- "1 hour of me bareback fucking my mate" -- has close to 200,000 views. [NOTE: The first portion of this interview was conducted in early February 2013. In late February Roger took down all his Xtube videos for reasons to be explained in this Q&A. In April he changed his mind and has been restoring his videos one by one, including "1-hour non-stop bareback fucking" (formerly titled "1 hour of me bareback fucking my mate"), which already has more than 40,000 views after being re-posted for only three days.] In half a year's time, you've gone from being an obscure presence on XTube to being "XTube famous." 

ROGER: I think the term "XTube famous" is maybe pushing it. I always read things like that and "internet famous" as quite ironic anyway. :P

JASON: What level of traffic do you have on your Tumblr?

ROGER: It's very dependent on postings. It averages about 1,000 hits a day but spikes for 24-48 hours if I post something good.

JASON: How has your amateur-porn fame changed life for you, if at all?

ROGER: Life-changing? Not at all. I occasionally get a message on Grindr or online saying "I follow your Tumblr", which is usually a pleasant message, but it's not Iike I'm getting invites to the opera or ballet, unfortunately.

JASON: If you did get opera or ballet invites from fans, would you want to go?

ROGER: Probably. Depends on the fan :P I do like opera and ballet, though -- the old stuff, not the modern crap. "Swan Lake" or "La Boheme" -- definitely my sort of thing. Unfortunately the only opera I have seen is "Tristan and Isolde" and that is heavy.

JASON: Do you ever get recognized as "Roger Kint" when you're out?

ROGER: I don't think anyone has noticed me when I'm out, but then I'm rarely out other than at work or uni. I'm not a party person; I dislike clubs and hate dance, I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. So not a lot of opportunity to bump into anyone who might recognise me, I'm afraid. I do get a few emails though from guys who would like to meet up and some guys contact me on Twitter. I have met a few stunning guys that way so I can't complain. The more the merrier. :P

ROGER: You fucking Sampson Cawley was your most popular video for awhile [NOTE: Video removed for now; will update with a link when Roger restores it], until it was overtaken by "1 hour of me bareback fucking my mate". Sampie seems to have quite the following, and you breeding him seems to have increased both his "internet fame" as well as yours. You were a good team. ;)

ROGER: Yeah it was one of the most popular videos by far. Will have to get him back for round two some time :D  I hadn't realised that "1 hour of me bareback fucking" was quite so popular, I must admit. I'll have to have a word with Sampie as his tiara appears to have slipped.

JASON: Your fans always seem to want fresh content, and you seem happy to oblige. Has the act of filming your sexual adventures become integral or even essential to your sex life?

ROGER: No not at all. I still don't film at least half of the sex I have.

JASON: But you've posted so many videos that it seems that whipping out the camera must be second nature by now. If you can't document a hook-up, other than that being obviously disappointing (in that it delays your ability to update your blog and XTube channel), does it diminish the thrill for you somehow?

ROGER: Again, not at all. I do like to film my hook-ups to keep my Tumblr updated but really that is why I'm doing it more than anything else. More than anything I like to please when it comes to sex and I guess the blog is a less direct way of providing pleasure to people, so that's what I enjoy about it. I don't get off on the idea of people watching me; I get off on getting people off. Camera or not has no impact on how good the encounter is.

JASON: That you "like to please when it comes to sex" really comes through in "Hung cock seeding my hole." [NOTE: Roger has removed this video for now. If it is restored I will update with a link.] You're such a great, vocal, enthusiastic bottom in that video. You told me last summer that you're primarily a top, and most of your videos show you topping, but do you feel like you're getting in touch with your inner bottom as you meet new guys to fuck around with and experiment with your sexuality?

ROGER: I feel like I should be a better bottom. I love the idea of it, but I just don't enjoy it as much as other guys obviously. Hopefully I'll get better!

JASON: I doubt the chap in "Hung cock seeding my hole" had any complaints. He seemed quite pleased with your bottoming skills, and you seemed to be enjoying yourself too. Speaking of that guy, he's outside of your normal tastes (smooth twinks). Though we don't see his face in the video, judging from his voice, he seems older than your usual hook-ups, and there's even a sort of "daddy" tone to how he talks to you about using your hole.

ROGER: He was a bit different from my normal type but not as much as you might think. He is in his mid-twenties, so younger than me, he was slim and had a nice big cock... that always helps. The talk I sort of went along with but it does nothing for me. All the talk of "boy pussy" I find quite cringeworthy really. Still it was fun.

JASON: You humored his daddy talk? I believe that's recommends you as a good bottom! ;)

In January and February, along with videos in which you top, you've also posted three in which you get bred -- "Twink breeds my hole and fucks his load into me" and "Raw fucked by black cock", in addition to "Hung cock seeding my hole". [NOTE: Links to these videos will be added as Roger restores them on his XTube account.] So while you may doubt your bottoming skills, you seem quite keen to keep getting fucked and bred. What does getting topped raw do for you, as opposed to topping raw? What do you get out of taking a top's cum in your arse that makes you want to keep doing it?

ROGER: I think it all stems from the desire to please. It still has to please me too (I am not into pain in any way at all) and I have to want to please them (guys who are fucktards really turn me off) but what better physical indicator that you have pleased someone than them cumming in your arse? There is no better sight in the world than watching a guy cumming on a tight smooth hole and fucking it deep into that hole.

I do like getting fucked, but only raw. I'm not entirely sure if it is a latex or lube irritation but safe sex feels quite uncomfortable for me and hence I almost never bottom safe.

[To be continued in Part 5]
—image of Roger Kint above courtesy of Roger Kint

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