Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Bel Ami turning into a bareback studio?

Bel Ami has gotten a lot of attention for releasing a video of twins Milo & Elijah Peters fucking raw (see my two posts about it: “First pics of the barebacking Bel Ami twins in action” and “Twins Milo & Elijah Peters fuck BAREBACK for Bel Ami!”). In the past they've produced a handful of videos of some of their models fucking bareback, but only for their online members—never on DVD, as far as I know. Bel Ami wanted to continue to be known as a pro-condom studio, I guess, so they sort of hid their bareback scenes on their website as a special treat for Bel Ami members only

But now they seem to be stepping up the production of bareback content, with not only the Peters twins going at it bare, but models Trevor Yates, Manuel Rios, and Henri Gaudin, who have a three-way bareback scene in a BelAmiOnline video released just a few weeks ago, apparently. I came across these promo shots of the scene, and there’s not a condom in sight. Manuel gets fucked bare by both of the other guys (though not at the same time). Trevor, the blond guy, is TOTALLY HORSE HUNG, and the shot of Manuel trying to ease down on to that massive uncut cock as Henri guides the fat shaft into Manuel's eager hole is FUCKING HOT.

Bel Ami classifies videos like this on its website as “CONDOM FREE,” but it is what it is: Unapologetic BAREBACK SEX. The two carefully lit close-up images of raw penetration, shown above, CELEBRATE barebacking. Though Bel Ami still overwhelmingly produces condom porn, this new scene, together with the Peters twins bareback session, shows that Bel Ami founder George Duroy recognizes not only what Bel Ami fans really want to see, but that he wants to show the true beauty of uninhibited raw sex. If Bel Ami decides to release the Trevor-Manuel-Henri bareback fuck session on DVD at some point (and why shouldn’t they?), we’ll know that Duroy & Co. have finally decided to catch up with what the best gay porn (and gay sex itself) is all about these days: barebacking. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot more “CONDOM FREE” sex from Bel Ami this year. If Bel Ami produced an all-bareback DVD, it would be a guaranteed best-seller, maybe even a record-breaker.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Fuckhole Friday: Just Bred

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