Sunday, August 9, 2009

“I feel him throbbing inside me”

”I feel him throbbing inside me and his spurts are fast and hard. Now as he puls out some cum is drawn out and it runs down my balls. I can feel it on my thighs as he slows to a stop. He is gasping for air. He falls off me dragging his dick out. He sits on the floor behind me. I cannot move. I am exhausted and sore.

”I rolled off the bed and sat in the floor facing him. He was red faced, he was sweaty, his hair a mess. His trunks were still at his ankles. Cum was leaking from my butt onto the carpet. The back of my speedos were soaked in lube and his juices. The front was soaked in my juices. He looks at me and with those hott eyes of his he says ‘Sorry Zach I couldn't stop.’”

—an excerpt from a HOT post at Zach's Room


  1. Thanks for the post. I've added your blog to my list.