Sunday, August 2, 2009

How it happened

J: Dude, your cock is so huge. It feels fucking amazing when you rub it on my hole like that.
C: You wanna get fucked?
J: Fuck yeah.
C: [He spits in his hand, rubs the spit on the head of his cock, puts his cock back on my hole and starts pushing.]
J: Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. We should use a rubber, right?
C: I don't know, you feel so good.
J: But we should play safe, right? Do you have any condoms?
C: Here?
J: Yeah.
C: Uh, I don't think so. Let me look. [He gets up, looks in his nightstand drawer.] No, I don't. [He takes out a bottle of lube.] But I do have this. [I’m still on my back and he returns to position between my legs. He starts lubing his cock and then puts some lube on my hole.]
J: Fuck, dude, seriously—your cock is amazing. Maybe I could suck you off.
C: [He leans over and kisses me. He hikes my legs up and starts rubbing his hard lubed cock on my hole again. He kisses me again and smiles.] Or maybe I could fuck your ass, like you wanted. [He starts to push in.]
J: Oh, god. Dude. [I reach down and feel his fat shaft, then I feel my asshole getting stretched as he pushes in raw.]
C: You want that? You want my cock in your ass bare?
J: I don't know. [He pushes in more; it hurts—his cock is so fat.] I don't know.
C: Oh fuck, boy. Fuck yeah. Fucking take it.


  1. Good boy. I never keep rubbers around either.

  2. I think we just sprung a leak reading this entry. FUCK. We all know the feeling. And it's... nicer than nice.

  3. Did he end up cumming in you? Hope so! ;) -Dan