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"Speedo Student" Corbett Harper: The Bare Curious Q&A Part 1

Speedo Student a.k.a. Hawaii Speedo Student now goes by the porn name Corbett Harper. He got internet-famous early last year when he got in trouble with his school, the University of Hawaii, for shooting some videos that he posted on his blog, via Xtube, in which he discreetly modeled his Speedos on campus and in at least one case jerked off in an empty classroom. School administrators and some students freaked out, and the campus newspaper printed a fear-mongering item about him. He wasn’t kicked out of school, but he left on his own later anyway.

He did some very smart interviews about the intention behind his Xtube videos, and I struck up a conversation and friendship with him online because I really liked what he had to say. We started chatting just as he was taking on the Corbett Harper persona. Though Corbett hasn’t done bareback porn yet, he shares my interest in pushing past the boundaries of political correctness in depictions of gay male sexuality — and he’s a big cum freak just like I am. ;)

Plus he’s been outspoken about rejecting the hypocrisy and hysteria that surrounds barebacking. As an example, last July he gave an interview to The Bilerico Project in which he said:

I have no objection whatsoever to bareback films. On the contrary, I feel that it is trying to ban barebacking on camera which is harmful. Not necessarily to society, but as an anarchist, I reject the notion that the interests of society warrant consideration, especially in comparison with the interests of the individual. It is the latter that the anti-barebacking movement is attacking, both specifically by attempting to coerce performers and directors into a certain kind of behavior, and in general by trying to set standards of behavior in the first place. This is not an issue of health or safety. This is an issue of principles and human rights. Allowing that people have freedom of choice means recognizing that they can choose, not merely permitting them to select from a list of socially-approved options. Most worrying in this respect is the recent AMA [American Medical Association] vote to support anti-barebacking legislation, a situation which reminds us more than ever that laws are nothing but social prejudices backed by force.

I lost track of Corbett for awhile after he took down his Speedo Student blog, which had been hosted on blogspot. But we recently reconnected and now I’ve got his new blog bookmarked and I’m following @corbettharper on Twitter — and you should too! With Corbett’s permission, I decided to resurrect and post the interview we started mid-last year. At the time he had just moved from Hawaii to San Diego and was awaiting the release of his first porn DVD, “Speedoboys” from Dirty Bird Pictures. Here’s the first part:

Bare Curious: What did you think when your first saw “Speedoboys” in its entirety?

Corbett Harper: I had a lot of different reactions to it, actually. Probably my first thought was that I need to put on some weight — but then that occurs to me every time I take new photos or video! But aside from that, I was generally pleased with it. There were only a few tweaks I suggested for the final edit. The third scene especially came out nicely, I think — great lighting, nice camera angles, and lots of teasing.

Bare Curious: In your blog post revealing that you’d just completed your first porn shoot, you made it clear that you really enjoyed the experience and anticipated doing more porn projects. You also wrote that “I really need to practice being a better bottom if I’m going to be doing this regularly.” How has the practice been going? ;)

Corbett Harper: Mixed, actually. I admit, I haven’t been as dedicated about it as I could have been! But I do have a friend I practice with, and I’ve also been working on topping too with him. And that’s been going really well, lots of improvements there, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can satisfy the requests I’ve had to see me topping in a video.

Bare Curious: You wrote on your blog, “At this point, I don’t even know how long I’ve been thinking about doing this, or actively trying to get into the adult industry." What’s amazing is not only how fast it’s happened for you personally, but that the vehicle of your entry into the adult industry, Xtube, didn’t even exist five years ago. I looked it up — it launched March 12, 2006. We’re at this point in history where porn keeps on getting more mainstream, partly because of new technologies that allow thousands of everyday people to self-produce porn which can then easily be made available to a global internet audience.

Corbett Harper: Very much so. And this move is significant in two different ways. First, it’s bringing pornography of all kinds more into the open, making it more accessible to everyone, and hopefully less threatening as well. There are still plenty of people out there who associate the adult industry with crime, child abuse, disease, and other perceptions from the past. Second — and this is the no-so-bright side of it — its existence shows that porn is still being treated as a restricted area. If sexual repression were not so ingrained into our culture, and adult content banned from mainstream sites such as YouTube as a matter of course, we can question whether sites like Xtube would ever have been created or grown so big. Hopefully at some point this will resolve itself, and society will become less afraid of and more honest about sex.

Bare Curious: Do you remember the first time you viewed pornography — either a physical DVD or a particular image or a video online?

Corbett Harper: I’m afraid I don’t. I was very suspicious of pornography growing up, so the transition from just looking at pictures of hot guys to sexually explicit material was a gradual and unnoticeable one for me.

Q: Was there one experience, like seeing a particular DVD or scene or actor, that made you decide, “This is something I need to do myself”?

Corbett Harper: I would say that came about a year and a half ago, when I first came across “The Porne Ultimatum” [a Dirty Bird Pictures movie starring Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler, Barrett Long, Brant Moore and Kaden Saylor] which was fairly new at the time. It absolutely fascinated me to see those two genres [action and porn] combined like that, and that movie was the first thing that made me actually consider doing adult work myself.

Bare Curious: You revealed in your Butt magazine interview that you’re majoring in history, that you’re specializing in military and European history, and that your research “focuses on the creation of the modern army and its distinctive philosophy, especially concerning military training methods.” Though your video with [Dirty Bird Pictures owner] Dink Flamingo is Speedo-centric, not military-fetishistic like many of his Active Duty shoots, it’s interesting that Dink obviously shares your fascination with the military. Did you guys bond over that?

Corbett Harper: We didn’t really discuss it at all. I think it provides us with some common ground though, since the models he works with are active or former military, and that’s a mindset I’ve experienced and can understand somewhat as well. Interestingly, a military fetish is one I haven’t got. My interest in it is completely intellectual so far.

Bare Curious: How do think your formal entry into the adult industry will affect what you originally intended to do with your history degree? Is this a temporary detour or do you see the video work you’re doing now potentially transforming your life more significantly?

Corbett Harper: As far as a long-term career in the business, no. I think temporary detour is a good way to put it. It’s something I’ll enjoy doing for a couple of years while I’m still interested in it and motivated to do good work. Being in the adult industry connects into what I’ll be doing later in that it’s giving me some time where I can study, plan, and develop one or two ideas I’ve had. It’s not really changing my plans or my goals at all; in fact, it may turn out to actually be furthering them.

Watch for Part 2 of this interview this week!

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