Thursday, March 31, 2011

Top 4 Reasons You Should Follow @codycachet Right NOW

1. He’s the hottest porn star to ever work for bareback-friendly Helix Studios. (Though he usually did condom porn for them, he also shot one of the hottest-ever Helix bareback scenes when he bred Drake Angel on camera. More on that in my next post.)

2. Just look at him!

3. He’s so close to having 2,000 followers, and recently tweeted “I got some private videos everyone is gonna wanna see! Next week ill show a screen cap,but only if we can get 100 more followers before Wed!” A few days later he tweeted “We have failed to reach 100 although there is another day, it looks dim! Help me spread the word & follow @codycachet!” Cody stopped tweeting for a long time, so maybe a lot of his followers didn’t notice that he’s back. I’m here to help get the word out. Support Cody by following him on Twitter because the world needs to see Cody’s private videos! Me especially LOL!

4. He’s a really cool guy.

So follow @codycachet on Twitter right now!

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)
—image from Helix Studios

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