Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barebacking blogger refuses to waste his own cum

A barebacker who uses the handle RawOne408 and has a blog titled “A Defiant HIV+ Bareback Fucker has decided that he will waste cum no more. I was just reading in the right-side column of his blog that he’s set these rules for himself:

1) I cannot cum unless I first take a load in my ass from another guy.

2) I can only cum if my cock is buried deep in another guys hole.

3) If I cum in any way not consistent with the above two rules I will have to perform some act that will be defined by my followers through a poll that I will post offering the options...

(He’s got a poll on the bottom of the homepage of his blog.)

I don’t think I could handle the blue balls! Right now he’s got a picture of his fat hard cock on his blog and it’s labeled “AFTER 11 DAYS OF NOT CUMMING!”

But the thought of a guy living his life in such a way that he can only ejaculate if he’s breeding a bottom is really fucking hot. Imagine not getting to jerk off anymore, and not allowing yourself even a quickie blowjob. Any time semen shoots out of your cock, it always goes where it really belongs—in a bottom’s hole.

I wonder about the first two of his rules, though. Because not only does he have a rule on where he can cum, but he can’t cum unless he has cum in his own ass already. So either that means he has to hook up with a versatile barebacker who is willing to breed him first, or he has to always be in group scenes where he can first find a willing and able bareback top and a willing and able bareback bottom. Maybe he explains that somewhere else on his blog but I haven’t found it yet. I think maybe I’ll email him and ask for clarification. :)

I’m versatile myself, and I’ve always wanted to fuck a bottom bare after I took a load in my ass. I’d love to see how it feels to have a load leaking out of my hole as I slowly fuck a boy. Like, if a top dumped a huge load in my ass and then I started fucking a bottom who was on his back with his legs in the air. As I was fucking I’d try to relay my hole enough to let the load in me leak out. The sperm inside of me would start to run down my balls and shaft as I was topping—that would be so hot. Some of my top’s sperm would get into my bottom’s hole, and then I’d add my own load. Haven’t done that yet.

It’s really intense to think of a guy deciding that's the kind of sex he wants every time!

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—image from
Daddy's Bad Boys

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  1. That's some tough rules to follow.

    (Love the photo)